With the COVID-19 pandemic raging my 94 year old mother wanted to contribute to the larger community and asked me to find a way to share some of her recipes on-line. Having raised five children on a budget and using the simplest pure ingredients, my mother felt her experience and proven methods of baking and cooking might prove helpful to others struggling to feed their families. 

As all mothers do, my mother cooks with love and has taught me to do the same. She remembers early in her marriage when she had a sack of flour, sugar, a vegetable garden and some livestock. Taking these elements she began to create recipes that nourished her family and her community. I now have come to realize her creativity and attention to detail nourished the artist in me.

My mother often reminds me that food preparation requires respect, time and patience. She laughs when she remembers some of her early baking attempts; loaves of bread were heavy as bricks, but she slowly learned by trial and error and became a master in the kitchen.

Have patience if you are new to cooking or baking. Take your time, prep ahead where you can and if you are a seasoned cook or baker, the recipes will come easy to you. 

We proudly say" Welcome to Clara's Kitchen."

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