“The soups in this section are a combination of recipes I have produced for my family for many years and a few new ones I have created with my daughter Theresa. Her vegan stock is something I enjoy because it is so rich and flavourful. I will often have a bowl of stock with just some fine soba or udon noodles added. For me, it is a warm and filling meal I can easily prepare. When I was a little girl my Tanta Anna and my mother would make homemade noodles. A long string was hung in the kitchen and the pasta was laid over the string to dry. The cooked noodles were then added to a bowl and a hot simple bone stock was ladled over the pasta. As a child I always drank the stock first and saved the noodles to savour last. At 94 years of age I still do exactly the same thing. It seems some patterns never change.” - Clara

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