Let’s make some pierogi!
Clara will show you her technique - Theresa
Pierogi with Mushroom Sauce
Potato, Cheese & Roasted Garlic Filling
A family favourite - Clara
Greens & Onions
This recipe can be used as a side dish or a pierogi filling.
Ground Beef, Pork or Turkey Filling
A favourite of many of our friends and their family. Economical and delicious - Clara
Let’s fry up some pierogi!



"Over the years I have made thousands of pierogi. One evening I recall I had made over two hundred pierogi and set them on the counter to cook the following morning. My eldest daughter Anne returned home from work with some of her friends (strapping young lads) who were very hungry. Cooking a batch at a time I began to feed my daughter's friends the pierogi I made. By the end the evening my daughter Anne and her friends had consumed all two hundred of the pierogi. Theresa still recalls coming down in the following morning ready to have some pierogi and to her dismay the counters were bare. I laughed and said "Yes Theresa, they ate all two hundred pierogi. " - Clara

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