Breaded Fish, Vegan Mashed Potatoes & Vegetables
A quick and easy meal. You can also use my breading technique for shrimp and chicken, as well - Clara
Greens & Onions
This is great side dish or can be used as a pierogi filling - Theresa
Salmon Patties
Salmon is high in Omega 3 and a Salmon pattie pairs nicely with a bun or mashed potatoes or for breakfast with a fire do poached egg - Theresa
Overnight Coleslaw
We eat this coleslaw year round. The slaw is nutritious, full of fiber and delicious - Clara

Fish, Meat and Vegetable Sides

The recipes in this section reflect some of our everyday meals. A few new ones were created by my daughter Theresa and reflect her vegan diet. Luckily for me my daughter always brings her creativity and imagination to the kitchen and I continue to enjoy being the taste tester.” - Clara

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